Velvet Butterfly Bow Tie


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High quality Velvet Butterfly Bow Ties in various colors

  • Dry Clean Only
  • Imported
  • All our products are made from finest materials and careful craftsmanship. We are having the most experienced tailors to handcraft these elegant and unique attire.


Suit. Tailored to perfection.

Our suits are European cut, made with the finest materials and fabrics like no other. You can examine the details and craftsmanship of our designers, tailors and manufacturers. 


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Size Guide

Below is our size guide chart:

Shoe Sizes

Europe and US size comparison

EU40 = US6

EU41 = US7

EU42 = US8

EU43 = US9

EU44 = US10

EU45 = US11

EU46 = US12

Suit & Tux Pants Sizes

Size 38 Suit comes with 32 Pants
Size 40 Suit comes with 34 Pants
Size 42 Suit comes with 36 Pants
Size 44 Suit comes with 38 Pants
Size 46 Suit comes with 40 Pants
Size 48 Suit comes with 42 Pants
Size 50 Suit comes with 44 Pants
Size 52 Suit comes with 46 Pants
Size 54 Suit comes with 48 Pants