Different Types of Suit Collars: General Guide

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White Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

The lapel is a distinguishing feature of any suit or tuxedo, establishing the overall style and formality. As an important part of men’s formal wear, the lapel comes in a variety of forms and patterns, each with its own qualities and history. Understanding the many styles of suit collars enables you to make educated decisions when choosing the appropriate suit or tuxedo for any event. Whether you want a classic, elegant style or a trendy, fashion-forward suit, the lapel is an important part in achieving the desired aesthetic.
Lapels are at the heart of men’s fashion, serving both a utilitarian and a stylish function. They enhance the wearer’s overall look by framing the face and adding a touch of refinement to any clothing. The sort of lapel you pick may boost your attire and leave a lasting impact at anything from weddings and black-tie events to business meetings and formal parties.
In this thorough tutorial, we’ll look at the most prevalent suit collar styles, such as the traditional Notch Lapel, the sophisticated Shawl Collar, and the dashing Peak Lapel. We’ll go through the history and unique characteristics of each lapel type, as well as their applicability for certain events. Understanding lapel kinds can help you make the ideal pick for your formal wear needs, whether you’re looking for a high-quality tuxedo, a slim-fit suit, or a European-fit ensemble.


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What's a Notch Lapel?

Notch Lapel Plaid Suit

The Notch lapel is a popular and classic lapel design featured on men’s suits and blazers. The Notch lapel, distinguished by its characteristic triangle indentation where the lapel meets the collar, is adaptable and well-suited for a variety of events, making it a popular choice for both formal and business dress.

This lapel design gets its name from the “notch” or “V” shape formed by the collar and lapel meeting point. It has a delicate and understated style that makes it ideal for conservative and classic outfits. The Notch lapel is distinguished by its clean lines and uncomplicated look, which ensures a polished and stylish image.

The Notch lapel is a popular choice for business suits and everyday wear. It is traditionally connected with single-breasted jackets. Its subtle style makes it appropriate for a variety of situations, ranging from corporate meetings to semi-formal celebrations. Its adaptability also extends to its ability to mix nicely with numerous tie types, such as neckties and bow ties.

While the Notch lapel is a traditional style, it is also available in more current incarnations, such as slim-fit or European-fit suits, for a more tailored and contemporary look. The breadth of the notch can also vary; thinner notches have a sleek and modern appearance, whilst larger notches have a classic and timeless appearance.

The Notch lapel is a fantastic alternative for people looking for a professional yet simple lapel shape. Its flexibility, clean lines, and adaptation to various suit types make it a must-have in the wardrobe of every well-dressed guy.

What is a Shawl Collar?

The Shawl collar is a classy and beautiful lapel shape distinguished by its smooth, rounded edge that softly wraps over the neck and shoulders. In contrast to the Notch lapel, which has a definite notch or “V” form, the Shawl collar has a continuous curve from one end to the other, giving a seamless and flowing look.

The Shawl collar, which was first seen on smoking jackets in the nineteenth century, emanates richness and refinement, making it a timeless option for formal evening attire and special events. This lapel design is frequently linked with tuxedos and dinner jackets, adding an impression of sophistication to black-tie events and formal galas.

The smooth, uninterrupted line of the Shawl collar lends a sense of refinement and fluidity to the overall design, making it a great choice for people looking for a classic yet distinctive appearance. It is an especially good choice for people with broad shoulders since the rounded corners may create a beautiful frame and complement the natural contours of the body.

While the shawl collar is most typically seen on tuxedos, it has made its way into current suit designs as well. Shawl collars may be found in modern versions on slim-fit and tailored suits, lending an old-world elegance to modern ensembles.


Take a time to gently brush the fabric of your tuxedo, suit, or dress pants before and after wearing them. This helps stop deeper particles from being embedded in the fabric fibers in addition to removing surface trash. You may successfully maintain the fabric’s original brilliance and increase its lifespan by regularly brushing it.

Always brush downward to match the direction of the fabric’s weave when wearing formal clothing. This method reduces the possibility of harming the delicate threads of the cloth while still getting rid of dirt and lint. The lapels, collar, and cuffs should receive additional attention because they are more likely to gather dust and dirt during wear.

A black bow tie is a conventional choice for accessorizing a Shawl collar suit, creating a classic black-tie style. A colorful bow tie or textured fabric, on the other hand, may give a bit of individuality to the suit for a more daring and fashion-forward statement.

The Shawl collar is an excellent alternative for people looking for an effortlessly stylish and sumptuous lapel design. Its seamless elegance makes it a fashion connoisseur’s choice and a symbol of ageless refinement.

Shawl Collar

What is the Difference Between a Notch and a Peak Lapel?

A suit jacket’s or tuxedo’s lapel is a distinguishing element that may considerably impact the overall design and formality of the garment. The Notch lapel and the Peak lapel are two of the most frequent lapel designs. While each lapel has its own distinct qualities, learning the distinctions between them will help you make an informed decision based on your desired style and the occasion.

The Notch Lapel is the most classic and extensively used lapel type. It has a triangular depression, or “notch,” where the lapel and collar meet. This little cutout produces the unique “V” form associated with the Notch lapel. Because the Notch lapel is adaptable and appropriate for a variety of events, it is a popular choice for both business suits and more casual ensembles. Its simple design allows it to mix nicely with a variety of tie types, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

Peak Lapel: Also known as the “pointed lapel,” the Peak lapel is a more formal and exquisite lapel shape. It is distinguished by its upward-pointing edges that extend towards the shoulders, making a peak at the highest point of the lapel. The Peak lapel is frequently linked with formal attire, such as tuxedos and double-breasted suits. Because of its striking and stylish design, it is a fantastic choice for special occasions and black-tie parties.

Main Characteristics

The primary distinction between the Notch and Peak lapels is in their forms and formality. The Notch lapel is distinguished by its delicate “V” form and is regarded as a classic and adaptable alternative. The upward-pointing edges of the Peak lapel, on the other hand, give a more dramatic and aggressive style that is appropriate for events that need a higher level of elegance.

While both lapel designs are popular and beautiful in their own right, the choice between a Notch lapel and a Peak lapel ultimately comes down to the amount of formality wanted for the event. Whether you choose the timeless adaptability of the Notch lapel or the refined refinement of the Peak lapel, both designs will boost your look and create a lasting impression.

Which Type of Collar is the Oldest? More Historical?

When researching the history of suit collars, we discover that the Shawl collar is the oldest and most historical lapel type. Its history may be traced back to the early nineteenth century, when it was first seen on the smoking jackets of British gentlemen.

Originally, smoking jackets were intended to be formal apparel for men to wear while smoking cigars or pipes in their houses. The Shawl collar became a distinctive characteristic of this special clothing, and these jackets offered a sumptuous and comfortable feel, frequently fashioned from velvet or silk.

The Shawl collar’s rounded and continuous lapel shape gave sophistication and elegance to the smoking jacket, making it a symbol of wealth and refinement. In aristocratic circles, these coats were frequently worn during private parties and social occasions, further elevating its stature as a prestigious item of formal dress.

As design progressed, the Shawl collar found its way into other formal clothes such as tuxedos and dinner jackets. It is still an iconic and traditional choice for individuals wishing to recall the timeless beauty of past fashion.

The Notch and Peak lapels, on the other hand, appeared later in history. In the mid-twentieth century, the Notch lapel gained prominence and became the standard lapel shape for modern business suits and sport coats. Its simplicity and adaptability make it a men’s fashion standard and an excellent choice for everyday wear.

The Peak lapel, with its distinctive upward-pointing edges, originally appeared in formalwear in the 1930s. It has subsequently become associated with black-tie occasions and refined dress rules, making it a popular lapel shape for tuxedos and double-breasted suits.

While both the Notch and Peak lapels have played important roles in the history of men’s formal wear, the Shawl collar is the oldest and most historical lapel style, expressing the grace and refinement of a bygone period.

Which Type of Lapel is Best for a Wedding Setting?

Several aspects come into play when selecting the ideal lapel design for a wedding environment, including the formality of the occasion, the groom’s personal style, and the overall wedding theme. Each lapel design has its own distinct charm, so keep the wedding’s ambiance and dress code in mind.

The Notch Lapel is a flexible and traditional alternative that works well in a variety of wedding settings. If the wedding is more informal or semi-formal, a suit with a Notch lapel is a great option. Notch lapels have a clean and simple appearance that makes them appropriate for lawn weddings, midday ceremonies, or less formal interior locations. To complete the look, pair the suit with a trendy tie or bow tie.

Lapel Peak
The Peak lapel is an excellent choice for couples looking for a bit of elegance and formality in their wedding attire. Peak lapels convey elegance and are frequently connected with black-tie gatherings and formal engagements. For nighttime weddings or those with a more upmarket dress code, choose a tuxedo with a Peak lapel for a sophisticated and professional look. A Peak lapel tuxedo with a traditional bow tie is a classic look that will never go out of style.

shawl Collar: If your wedding theme is vintage elegance or old-world charm, the Shawl collar is a stunning choice. This lapel design exudes grandeur and refinement, making it ideal for both affluent and small weddings. Shawl collar tuxedos are perfect for nighttime weddings and black-tie galas. For a distinctive and unforgettable look, complement the suit with a beautiful bow tie and fine accessories.

Finally, the optimal lapel design for a wedding environment is determined by the couple’s tastes, the formality of the occasion, and the intended mood. Tuxedo Uomo has a large assortment of suits and tuxedos with varying lapel designs to accommodate diverse wedding themes and dress rules. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist grooms in selecting the appropriate lapel design to fit their vision and ensure a memorable and beautiful wedding day.

Off Topic: Should You Always Wear a Pin or Flower on Your Lapel?

Wearing a lapel pin or flower, such as a boutonniere, on your lapel is totally up to personal preference and the formality of the occasion. While lapel pins and boutonnieres can lend a touch of elegance and originality to your attire, they are not always appropriate.

Casual or Informal gatherings: You may choose to forego a lapel pin or boutonniere for casual or informal gatherings. These occasions usually feature a more casual dress code, with an emphasis on comfort and simplicity rather than formal accouterments. Wearing a lapel pin or boutonniere may feel out of place in such situations, and a clean, unadorned lapel may be just as attractive and suitable.

Minimalist Style: If you like a minimalist or subtle look, avoid wearing a lapel pin or flower. Adopting a clean and streamlined appearance without additional accessories may be a statement in and of itself, enabling the quality and design of your suit or tuxedo to show. A delicate design lapel, such as a Notch lapel, might compliment a minimalist style.

Personal choice: Ultimately, whether to wear a lapel pin or a flower is a matter of personal choice. Some people like the history and meaning of wearing a boutonniere, but others may find lapel pins to be a fun and trendy way to express oneself. If wearing a lapel item brings you joy and importance, it may be a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

Formal Occasions: Wearing a lapel pin or boutonniere is more frequent for formal occasions such as weddings, gala dinners, or black-tie events. These occasions frequently necessitate formal clothes and attention to detail, and a lapel ornament may add a touch of refinement and charm to your look. Consider wearing a lapel pin or boutonniere that compliments the general theme and color palette of the event.

The decision to wear a lapel pin or flower is ultimately yours. Tuxedo Uomo provides a broad choice of lapel designs and formalwear alternatives to fit every individual’s taste and preferences, whether you like to embellish your lapel or keep it clean and simple.

What is the Button Opening on the Lapel For When There Isn't a Button Behind It?

If you’ve ever looked closely at the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket, you might have seen a small, horizontal slit or aperture immediately below the notch or peak. This subtle detail is known as a “buttonhole” or “boutonniere buttonhole.” Despite the lack of a button behind it in modern-day suit coats, it serves a unique and historical role.

The boutonniere buttonhole originated in the nineteenth century, when suits and formalwear were embellished with boutonnieres, little ornamental flowers placed on the lapel. The boutonniere stem was particularly intended to go through the buttonhole, allowing it to be held in place.

While the use of boutonnieres in everyday design has declined, particularly in men’s suits, the boutonniere buttonhole remains a classic and ornamental component. It now acts as a tribute to formalwear’s historical significance and lends a touch of refinement to suit jackets even when not worn as a boutonniere.

Even though there isn’t a functioning button below the stitched buttonhole, modern suit coats frequently include one. The stitched buttonhole is a subtle design detail that honors the history of the boutonniere buttonhole while upholding the heritage of fitted clothes.

The boutonniere buttonhole might perform its original role for special occasions like as weddings or formal parties where the wearing of boutonnieres is still common. A boutonniere carefully chosen may be beautifully fastened to the lapel, providing a lovely and personal touch to the ensemble.

What is the Most Common Lapel Style for a Tuxedo?

The Peak Lapel is the most frequent and conventional lapel design for tuxedos. The Peak Lapel has traditionally been linked with black-tie parties, formal events, and beautiful nighttime engagements. Its unique upward-pointing edges give it a crisp and stylish appearance, making it a favorite option for tuxedos.

Peak lapels are distinguished by their pointed and angular form that reaches outward and slightly upward toward the shoulders. This distinct lapel design adds flare and grandeur to the tuxedo jacket, distinguishing it from regular suits with Notch lapels.

A traditional Peak lapel tuxedo is the pinnacle of sophisticated formalwear and is frequently the preferred option for weddings, galas, and distinguished gatherings. It goes well with a range of shirt types and ties, giving it a versatile alternative for various dress codes and color schemes.

While the Peak lapel is the standard tuxedo lapel, there are other variations to consider, such as the Double-Breasted Peak lapel, which has a second row of buttons and a more substantial look. This design is very popular for formal black-tie events since it makes a bold and authoritative presence.

Shawl collars have also acquired favor as an alternate lapel design for tuxedos in recent years. Shawl collars reflect elegance and refinement, making them an ideal choice for traditional and vintage-inspired tuxedos. It produces a continuous and seamless lapel design that adds a sense of refinement to the whole ensemble.

Tuxedo Uomo: Your Local and Online Suit Store Has Them All

Look no further than Tuxedo Uomo for the right tuxedo with the lapel style that best matches your tastes and the occasion. Tuxedo Uomo, a respected and known suit business, takes pleasure in presenting an enormous choice of high-quality tuxedos and suits, featuring a variety of lapel designs to fit every individual’s taste and style.

A Wide Range of Lapel Styles: At Tuxedo Uomo, we recognize that the lapel style is crucial in establishing the overall elegance and formality of a tuxedo. The traditional and classy Peak lapel, which oozes timeless appeal and is suited for formal black-tie gatherings, is among our broad assortment. Our Shawl collar tuxedos offer a seamless and continuous lapel style that oozes modest refinement for individuals looking for a touch of classic elegance.

Expert Advice and Tailoring: Tuxedo Uomo’s experienced team is dedicated to offering individualized and attentive service to each customer. We take the time to learn about your preferences, the specific occasion, and the intended aesthetics, guaranteeing that you locate the right tuxedo with the lapel style that matches your vision.

We also provide skilled tailoring services to guarantee that your selected tuxedo fits you well. Our professional tailors pay close attention to detail to ensure that the lapel drapes correctly and complements your overall appearance.

Tuxedo Uomo, Los Angeles’ top Suit Store: Tuxedo Uomo, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, is a top destination for men’s formalwear. Our magnificent assortment of suits and tuxedos offers something for everyone, whether you’re a groom preparing for your wedding day, a guest attending a gala, or simply trying to upgrade your appearance for a special event.

Tuxedo Uomo provides a flawless online experience for consumers outside of the Los Angeles region or those who prefer the ease of internet buying. Our user-friendly website lets you to easily browse our large assortment, experiment with various lapel designs, and place orders. With free US delivery, we ensure that your selected tuxedo arrives on time and in perfect shape.

Finally, Tuxedo Uomo is a reliable and comprehensive source for premium tuxedos and suits in a variety of lapel designs. Whether you visit our Los Angeles store or purchase online, we are committed to assisting you in finding the right tuxedo that symbolizes both refinement and your individual flair for any formal event.

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