Buying Suits Online: Find the right fit on 1st try!

Things to consider while shopping online for formalwear

The ease of internet buying has now permeated the world of men’s fashion, including the classic elegance of suits and tuxedos. The idea of placing an online purchase for a suit or tuxedo may first seem intimidating, but with the correct information and advice, you can easily get the ideal fit on your very first attempt. This article will help you through the processes to make sure that your online purchase results in a suit or tuxedo that fits well, whether you’re getting ready for a wedding, a formal function, or simply adding to your collection of high-quality clothing.

Tuxedo Uomo is a beacon of superb formalwear in the center of busy Los Angeles. We recognize the value of a proper fit and are dedicated to offering a large selection of suits and tuxedos made to match any occasion. We provide an online shopping experience that blends practicality with the high caliber and expert workmanship that are emblematic of our brand. This post will go through the important factors to think about when purchasing suits and tuxedos online, including exact dimensions and the advantages of using Tuxedo Uomo.

Let’s explore the world of online tuxedo and suit buying and learn how to make your upcoming purchase stand out.

How to Order Suits Online to Find the Right Fit?

An organized strategy is the first step in placing an online suit or tuxedo order. Here are some ideas to get you started on finding the ideal fit:

Know Your Measurements: Accurate measurements are the cornerstone of a well-fitting suit or tuxedo. Your chest, shoulders, waist, hips, inseam, and sleeve length are important regions to measure. For accuracy, use a delicate measuring tape and stick to a pre-established plan.

Recognize Fit Styles: Regular, slim, and tailored fit styles are available for tuxedos and suits. Learn about different types so you may select the one that best suits your body type and personal preferences.

Consult Size Charts: The majority of internet retailers, like Tuxedo Uomo, offer thorough size charts. To precisely establish your size, compare your dimensions to those on these charts. Always verify the brand’s chart because sizes might differ across brands.

Check out the product descriptions: Read product descriptions carefully. They frequently discuss the fit, materials, and other special characteristics of the suit or tuxedo.

Make sure the online store has a flexible return and exchange policy by checking its return and exchange policies. For instance, Tuxedo Uomo removes restocking fees and provides free exchanges to make your purchasing experience stress-free.

Customer Reviews: Reading customer reviews might provide you with useful information about the product’s quality and fit. For a more realistic evaluation, look for evaluations from customers with comparable body shapes.

Consult a Local Tailor: If you have questions regarding fit or dimensions, you might want to speak with a local tailor. They may offer expert advice and guarantee that your measurements are accurate.

Get more Than One Size: If you’re unsure of your size, it’s always a good idea to get both sizes so you can test the fit at home. You might save the hassle of subsequently returning or exchanging products by doing this.

Things to Consider When Ordering Tuxedos or Suits Online

Although ordering tuxedos or suits online is convenient, it’s important to keep the following in mind to make a good purchase:

Fabric and Material: Take special note of the suit’s fabric and material. Wool is a time-honored and adaptable material for formal events. While thicker wools are best for the winter months, lighter wools are suitable for year-round wear. To accommodate different tastes, Tuxedo Uomo provides a selection of premium fabrics.

Occasion: Take into account the suit’s or tuxedo’s intended use. Different occasions require various styles. A traditional tuxedo may be the ideal option for weddings or black-tie events. A suit in a flexible hue like navy or charcoal gray may be more appropriate if it’s for casual use or less formal situations.

Select a fit and style that accentuates your body type and sense of fashion. Regular-fit suits give more space for comfort, while slim-fit suits offer a more contemporary, tailored look. To accommodate different tastes, Tuxedo Uomo provides both European and slim-fit variants.

Ensure that your measurements are precise. Check your inseam, sleeve length, waist, hips, chest, shoulders, and shoulders again. Consult a local tailor or utilize Tuxedo Uomo’s fitting chart for assistance if you’re confused about how to measure.

Before you start perusing the web, establish a budget. Knowing your budget will enable you to swiftly limit your alternatives because suits and tuxedos come in a variety of pricing points.

Accessories: Keep in mind the importance of wearing ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. They may give your outfit more character. A variety of accessories are available from Tuxedo Uomo to complement your outfit.

A liberal return and exchange policy should be present in the online store. It’s comforting to know that modifications may be made if necessary without incurring additional fees.

Delivery Date: Be sure your outfit will arrive in time for your event by checking the projected delivery date. Particularly for weddings and other important occasions, plan well in advance.

Read reviews left by consumers who have made purchases from the online store. Real-world examples can provide insightful information on the quality, fit, and overall purchasing experience.

Prepare yourself for some tailoring. Even with exact measurements, a great fit could still require a few little changes. These changes can be helped with by nearby tailors.

You may purchase tuxedos or suits online with confidence if you take these points into account. Let’s now talk about how to measure jackets and blazers properly.

How to Measure Jackets and Blazers Correctly

To achieve a proper fit when purchasing a jacket or blazer online, accurate measurements are essential. Here is a detailed instruction on how to measure accurately:

Measure around the area of your chest that is the fullest, usually just under the armpits. The tape should be snug but not too tight. The jacket size is determined by this measurement.

Shoulder Width: Calculate the distance between the edges of your shoulders as you cross your back. Make sure the tape is applied on your back straight.

Measure from the end of your shoulder down to where you want the sleeve to terminate by slightly extending your arm out. One typical location is right at the wrist bone.

Measure the length of the jacket from the nape of your neck to the desired ending point. This is often somewhere around the middle of your buttocks for most suits and jackets.

Measure about the area of your natural waist, which is normally just above the belly button and below the ribs. Keep the tape measure as snug as you can.

Hips: Take a measurement around the area that is the fullest. Verify that the tape measure is horizontal to the ground.

Back Width: Along the back of the jacket, measure straight across from one shoulder seam to the next.

Measure the back of the jacket across from one armhole’s bottom to the other.

Measure the space beneath your arm and around your shoulder. The ease of mobility depends on this parameter.

Bicep Circumference: Make sure you can easily bend your arm while measuring around the broadest area of your upper arm.

It’s important to adhere to the store’s precise measuring instructions. To help you take precise measurements, several internet sellers offer diagrams or videos.

Consider going to a nearby tailor if you’re unsure about collecting these measures yourself. For the ideal fit, they may offer exact measurements and advice.

How to Measure Formal Pants and Slacks Correctly

When purchasing online, accurate measurements are just as important for pants and slacks as they are for coats. Here is a chart to help you measure your pants properly:

Measure around your natural waist, which is often just above your hipbones, and where you wear trousers most often. Make sure the tape is snug but not painfully so.

Measure around the area of your hips that is the widest. The pants won’t be too snug around the hips thanks to this dimension.

Thigh Circumference: Gauge the area of your thigh that is the widest. When it comes to comfort and movement, this dimension is crucial.

Measure the inseam length along the inner seam of the pants, running from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. Make sure the tape is straight and that you are wearing shoes that match the height of the jeans you want to wear.

Measure the distance along the outside seam between the top of the waistband and the bottom of the pant leg. Once more, put on the shoes you’ll be wearing with your jeans.

Rise: Gauge the height of the waistband at the front of the pants from the crotch seam to the top. The location of the pants on your body is determined in part by this measurement.

Pant Leg Opening: Take a measurement at the hem of the pant leg opening. The breadth of the pant leg is influenced by this dimension.

Knee measurement: Take a measurement around the broadest part of your knee. For tailored or slim-fit pants, this dimension is crucial.

Measure the front and back rises from the top of the front and rear waistbands, respectively. These measures show how deep the pants are.

Measure the depth of the crotch from the front waistband all the way down to the seam, then from the back waistband to the same seam. The overall fit and comfort of the pants are determined by these measures.

When collecting these measures, keep in mind to stand naturally and avoid holding your breath. Another smart move is to take reference measurements from a pair of jeans you currently possess that fit nicely.

Ordering Online? Consider Order Processing and Delivery Time

The order processing and delivery time is an important considerations when buying suits or tuxedos online. Here are some pointers to make sure your shopping goes smoothly:

Avoid placing last-minute orders, especially for formal gatherings or special occasions like weddings. Allow enough time for the full procedure, including any adjustments that may be required.

Check Processing Times: Order processing times differ amongst online stores. This period of time takes into account the time needed to get your suit ready for delivery. Before placing your order, find out how long processing will take because this time frame might range from a few days to many weeks.

Review the shipping choices that are available to you. For an extra fee, express delivery can be an option to ensure your product gets to you more promptly. Standard delivery is often less expensive but may take longer.

Location Matters: Take the manufacturer’s or online store’s location into account. Your order can take longer to arrive if the shop is based abroad because of international shipping.

Customization Time: Be aware that getting a tailored suit will probably take longer than buying one off the rack. Customizations like fabric preferences, style changes, or monogramming demand more processing time.

Even with exact dimensions, you might require slight changes to get the ideal fit. Include this additional time in your plans. Many internet retailers include instructions on how to locate a nearby tailor who can help with modifications.

Review the online store’s return and exchange procedures before making a purchase. Knowing the methods is crucial in case your outfit doesn’t fit as intended. While some retailers don’t charge for returns or exchanges, others do.

Contact the online retailer’s customer support if you have questions regarding timing or particular delivery deadlines. They frequently include information on when you may anticipate receiving your order.

Track Your Order: Once your order has left the warehouse, utilize the given tracking information to keep track of its whereabouts. You can more correctly predict the delivery date if you do this.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Delays: Unexpected delays can happen during shipment or as a result of unforeseeable situations. Have a backup strategy in place in case your suit is delayed.

You may acquire suits or tuxedos online with confidence knowing that your apparel will arrive in time for your event by carefully taking these aspects into account and making advance plans.

Look at Your Old Suits or Tux for a Reference

One helpful tool you could have at your disposal if you’re purchasing suits or tuxedos online is your current formal attire. When making new internet purchases, using your old suits or tuxedos as a guide might be beneficial. This is how:

Examine the Fit: Put your previous tuxedo or suits on to see how they fit. Make a note of their comfort zones and potential improvement areas. Pay close attention to the fit of the chest, sleeve length, and shoulder breadth of the jacket. Take note of the waist and inseam measures for pants.

Your previous formal attire can also be used to determine your stylistic preferences. Do you lean more toward a contemporary, slim-fit style or a timeless, classic appearance? Examining your current clothing will help you make better decisions when buying new items online.

Make a note of the fabric and material of your previous outfits. Think on if you would rather wear warm wool throughout the colder months or breathable lightweight textiles like linen for summer gatherings. Your internet purchases might be influenced by being aware of your material preferences.

Review the hues of your current tuxedos and suits before making a color decision. Are they mostly neutral, light, or dark shades? You may choose new items that go with your particular style by knowing your chosen color scheme.

Alteration History: Keep a note of any adjustments that were made to your previous formal attire. You can choose customization choices online or provide measurements by keeping in mind the alterations you’ve already made.

Accessories: Take into account the ties, bow ties, and pocket squares you currently own. When placing an online order, you may match these accessories to your fresh suit or tuxedo to produce a unified and fashionable look.

Don’t forget to consider your footwear while choosing your new formal dress. Your shoes should match your suit or tuxedo in terms of both design and color.


Tuxedo Uomo Can Help You Find the Right Fit. We Offer Free Exchanges and No Restocking Fees.

When purchasing suits and tuxedos online, especially, getting the ideal fit is crucial, which is why Tuxedo Uomo is here to help. We are dedicated to make your online purchasing as simple and stress-free as we can. This is how we can help you:

Expert Direction: Our team of knowledgeable experts is available to assist you at every step of the way. We may be reached via phone or email if you have queries regarding size, fabric options, or styling suggestions. We’re committed to helping you select the clothing that fits your tastes and physical characteristics.

Accurate size: To assist you in measuring yourself correctly, we offer comprehensive size charts. By using these charts, you can ensure that you purchase the correct size and reduce the need for returns and exchanges. Our staff can help you select the best alternative if you’re unclear of the size.

choices for Customization: Tuxedo Uomo offers a variety of customization choices that let you make your suits and tuxedos unique to your tastes. You have the opportunity to create a distinctive and customized style by picking the materials, lapels, colors, and accessories.

Free exchanges: We are aware that, despite taking meticulous measurements, there are situations when you may receive a product that doesn’t fit precisely. For this reason, we provide free exchanges on all of our goods. Contact our customer support staff as soon as you receive an item that has to be altered or sized differently, and we’ll set up a hassle-free exchange.

No Restocking Fees: When you need to exchange or return an item, restocking fees might be annoying. At Tuxedo Uomo, we don’t think it’s fair to charge our consumers more. We offer an open-and-shut return policy with no restocking fees for our customers.

Quality Assurance: Our dedication to quality guarantees that you will receive premium suits and tuxedos that have been meticulously made. In order to ensure that your formal dress fits perfectly and looks and feels amazing, we only use the best fabrics and materials available.

To guarantee that your products arrive in time for your special events, we offer quick and safe delivery. You can count on us to send your suits and tuxedos off on time and in excellent shape.

Our top goal is getting your suits and tuxedos to fit perfectly, and we stand by the excellence of our work. With Tuxedo Uomo, you can shop for formalwear online with confidence knowing that a specialized team is there to help you and that, should the need arise, an easy exchange process is available.

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